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This proposal is the starting point to having a powerful and effective online digital marketing strategy in place for your company. We all know customers are going online to make hiring decisions. In order to be successful in business today you must have a solid online marketing system that is always working for you to move your customers along a path that ends with them hiring you. This proposal will cover the starting points of a solid digital marketing strategy for Continuum Solar.

It is important to remember that while we can do anything this proposal is covering the fundamentals of what you should have in place to get have a solid foundation in digital marketing to build from. One more note: after implementing the services covered in this proposal we are confident that you will be the only one in your market places to have such a solid strategy online and you will be rewarded for it with many new customers!
Much of this is the same things we have done for Pacvac, Niche Living, Pindan and Blackburne Real Estate.
What we are proposing to you is not theory, but stuff that works in your industry too.

About Us

Profit Cloud is an international marketing consulting and fulfilment company. We are unique because we create full marketing systems for our clients. We handle all aspects of online digital marketing to give our clients a complete and cohesive online marketing system to help them achieve their goals.
Our owner and founder speaks around the country to businesses and organisations about digital marketing, the latest cutting edge technology, and how to effectively use that technology to reach their target audience and their goals in an innovative and profitable way.
Profit Cloud is a Perth-based company and has in-house experts in all areas of digital marketing. We have over 18 years of experience in internet marketing and serve a variety of clients in a variety of industries.
Our team have worked with some of Australia's biggest brands including:
Wesfarmers, Bunnings Warehouse, Pacvac, Pindan, and Niche Living.
In addition to our full service packages, Profit Cloud also works with many companies around the country and internationally on one-off projects. These include: Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Consulting, Reputation Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Mobile Apps, Mobile Advertising and much more.

Can You Trust Us?

We know that in this day and age, and in our industry especially, it can be difficult to find good help for your online marketing needs. For most businesses they don't just want help, they want a trusted partner. We are the trusted partner for many companies and individuals when it comes to online marketing, however we don't expect you to take out word for it....after all we are marketers :)
Below you will see many different ways to check us out to make sure we are the right company for you to partner with.
Click Here to see what our customers have to say about us (video)


Our work has even won awards for our clients in both web and mobile:

More importantly than awards we have helped those clients increase profits and grow their business.


Our team at Profit Cloud are also highly skilled professionals in Marketing, Software Development and Cloud Technologies:

  • Amazon AWS Business Professional
  • Amazon AWS Technical Professional
  • Microsoft Partner and Developer
  • Google Partner and Developer
  • Apple Developer
  • Facebook Marketing Partner

Challenges and Solutions

We have identified the following business challenges and solutions for Continuum Solar.

Challenge #1: Sales Funnels and Marketing Systems.
The goal of any marketing is the educate potential customers to the value you bring to the marketplace and why buying from you is the best buying decision. The biggest overlook part of sales is that people don't buy from websites. People buy from people. They money is not in the list it is in the relationships.
Continuum Solar needs to have a system for lead generation and educating the customer. Systems run companies and people run systems.


Campaign 1 - Lead Generation Campaign
We will create a campaign to generate qualified leads and bookings for site visits and proposals, based on the model created for solar providers in the USA (see image below).


Create a Sales Funnel and Lead Nurture System.
We will create a Sales Funnel and an automated system for educating prospects and converting them into appointment bookings through a process of multiple touch points and a chase sequence including education based marketing content.



Challenge #2: Brand Awareness.
Today's online consumers are savvy and spend a lot of time on the internet across multiple devices. This means they are sometimes hard to target because they are spending time on a very large and diverse amount of websites. They are also at many different places in the sales process for your product or service and may not be looking for that product or service by entering keywords into search engines.
Update the website, google rankings, regular social media updates and Press Releases.



Challenge #3: Not Staying In Front Of Your Visitors
As a business owner you spend time, energy, effort, and money to get people to your website in a variety of ways. For most local businesses almost half of the visitors leave the site before doing anything. The remaining half of the people look around and leave. Very few (in most cases less than 10%) of website visitors actually take action and move to the next step of a sales process with a phone call, a purchase, or a visit...
As much as 90% of people leave a site and nothing is done to stay in front of them.
That means 90% of your efforts are wasted!
Currently you are in the same boat with your business. Solution: Re-Targeting and
Custom Audience Creation

Profit Cloud will institute online re-targeting and remarketing for your business through both Facebook and Google (and their display networks plus 45 other networks) so that when people leave your site you are able to stay in front of them with ads, coupons, specials, etc.
This process also enables us to create segmented custom audiences of interested consumers and existing customers that you can cheaply re-advertise to because you now own the data.
We create banner and social video adverts so that we get the right message and right offer in front of your ideal customer and entice them to click on the advert and become an in-funnel lead.

Here are some examples of Banners we have created for customers recently.

We set up a reporting dashboard for the campaign giving you access to:
Real-time Web Analytics Reports
Weekly Advertising Transparency Reports
Real-time Call Tracking Reports




Scope Of Work

Sales Funnel Automation / Lead Generation Campaign:

  • Create Adverts on Multiple Platforms, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Education Based Marketing Content and Landing Pages
  • Pre-Qualify Leads over the phone and book appointments for site visits, load into CRM

Local Reach Campaign Setup:

  • Audience Targeting Research and Setup
  • Target Geographic Locations, Perth Metro, Bunbury and Geraldton
  • Create Banners - Leaderboard, Skyscraper and Block
  • Set-up tracking software and analytics tools
  • Test all the tracking code works correctly


  • Create Re-Targeting Pixels
  • Creation of Re-Targeting Campaign

This is a comprehensive system that encompasses a lot of set up.

Campaign 2 - Content Automation Setup:

  • Website Updates
  • Content Discovery Alerts setup
  • Syndication Automation Setup
  • SEO and Rankings
  • Press Releases and Editorials

Ongoing Support, Security, and Maintenance
Once your new campaigns are live, it all has to be maintained. Profit Cloud invests in top cloud technology to ensure our customers websites, ads and videos are always working. Profit Cloud also understands that our clients have their business to run and that they want a partner to assist with campaign management needs.
We take a unique approach in our industry by bundling everything you need into one ongoing monthly package. Instead of "nickel and diming" our clients and trying to charge them at every turn, we know what our clients need to for their campaign and just give it to them at a fraction of the cost that other companies provide it for.

One of the biggest problems with online marketing is that marketing companies set false expectations of results, and that most business owners are desperate to have results immediately.
Unfortunately, either of these scenarios starts the relationship off wrong. It is very important that while we will fix many things right away and will be able to show you that work, you may not get results from that work instantly. We do not control search engines or Google or the consumers, and therefore cannot promise overnight results.
It is our goal to get your campaign profitable for you as soon as possible so that you can scale it up and increase your profits.
With online marketing, nothing happens overnight. For SEO, it can take sometimes 6 months to a year before you start having great results. We do not believe that will be the case, but it is important to know that. We strive to get results as fast as
possible for our clients because it benefits us too. But we have to make sure we set realistic expectations so we are all on the same page. Those who offer you overnight success are usually desperate for your business and won't end up doing a good job anyway.
We could generate hundreds of leads overnight using this technology - however, they will not convert into sales and that benefits no one. Our goal is to get the campaign dialed in so that it is generating qualified sales ready leads.



Project Total = $4,400 (incl GST) per month for 3 months

Setup & Management Fee's waived for bonuses and commissions based on performance

Getting Started

To get started, simply review and accept this proposal online. Once this is done we will send you an invoice. Once payment is received we will begin work right away.


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