Google's Latest Algorithm Change Favours Mobile-Friendly Sites

Starting on April 21st 2015 Google is making a massive change to how it ranks websites and this is going to effect everyone with a website.
The change to the ranking algorithm will be based on one critical factor: whether your website and landing pages are optimised for mobile devices.

So you can no longer sit on the fence about ensuring your business website is mobile-friendly. If you do nothing you will see a dramatic decline in the amount of organic search traffic your site gets as Google with rank mobile-friendly websites higher than yours.

Test your website today

The very first thing you need to do is test your website using the Google provided tool which you can access here:

When you run your site on the tool, you'll get a quick assessment of whether your mobile rank will suffer as a result of the April 21st change.

If your website is fully optimized for mobile, you'll get a success message:

If your website, landing pages or blog are not ready for the mobile update, you'll get a message that looks like this:

So if your site fails this test you have the following three options:

  1. Update your site to use a Responsive Design
  2. Update your web platform for Dynamic Serving
  3. Create a Separate Mobile Website

The best option by far is also Google's number 1 recommendation and that is to update your site to use a Responsive Design

Why a Responsive Design is the best option

A responsive design uses the same web address and the same content on each page but the layout adjusts and resizes to match the screen size of the device viewing the webpage. This is by far the most effective method and is much easier to maintain and update. Our own Profit Cloud website uses a responsive design.
NOTE: If your site or landing page was created by our team at Profit Cloud, your website is already using a mobile responsive design.

So talk to you web developer and find out how to get your site upgraded to a mobile responsive design.

If you would like our team at Profit Cloud to help just click on the offer below: