Where to Start when moving to the Cloud

If your business has not yet started using cloud services, finding the right place to start can be very daunting. With so many providers of cloud services out there it can be quite confusing.

For Profit Cloud the move to cloud based computing has been easy because I am a certified as both a Cloud Technical and Cloud Business Professional, but I too had to start small in the beginning.

No matter what size or type of business you have, I believe that the easiest areas of the business to  look at moving to the cloud are the areas that almost all staff use and rely on heavily. 

Email and File Sharing

If you just start with a few users you can easily compare using cloud based email and file sharing services against the traditional in-house or server based methods.

This is also the cheapest place to start as these services have a very low cost.

My recommendation is to start by trying Google Apps for Work

We use Google Apps in our company for all our staff and the performance has been outstanding.

Click on  the link below to find out more and get a free trial on us!