Funnels, not Webpages

Pretty-much EVERY business now has a website...

But websites are usually a bit flat - a bit "2 Dimensional"...

99% of webpages do NOTHING for businesses. So why not focus on the few money-making pages instead? And better yet - why not join them together into a single customer journey - a sales funnel..? 

The key advantage of a funnel is it enables you to take control of the customer experience, and guide your customer through the optimum purchase journey.

A Sales Funnel enables you to control the customer's thought sequence and educate them to the value you bring to the marketplace.

For example, you can begin by presenting your prospects with a lower value (lower risk) product to gain their trust, before pitching the higher value upsells.

The result: each visitor is more likely to purchase multiple products in a single visit - i.e., each visitor is more valuable to you, has a higher lifetime value.

This is your chance to get ahead of the game - because most businesses still only have standard "2D" websites, leaving a ton of money on the table. 

And, there's one new metric that every digital marketer needs to track in light of this switch to 3D funnels...

Average Cart Value.

This is a measure of how strong your funnel is.

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Inside, you'll see how, with this simple change of focus...(from individual page Conversion Rates to the Average Cart Value)...

...this funnel goes from LOSING $0.6 per $1 MAKING $2 per $1 invested!

So this is definitely worth a look